Video excels in communicating in many ways


Video excels in communicating in many ways

Delivering training to your employees can be a very expensive, time-consuming and difficult task. Traditional methods can often be ineffective and expensive to implement company wide.

Using video to deliver training can be a massive benefit for many businesses, being able to deliver a consistent, uniform message, repeatedly at no on-going cost.

The first step in producing a training video is to write a script. As training videos are very content specific, this is essential - especially with role-plays. The script should include the narrative for a voice-over or presenter, and visual directions for illustrative footage and graphic content.

We are happy to work closely with you to identify your key messages and assist in the best choice of style to produce your video. If required, we can also provide scriptwriting services.

A popular and effective way to train staff is the use of role-plays. These are easy for staff to watch and learn from, especially when dealing with customer service issues. The use of actors to play all or some of the roles is a very affordable option, especially if they are only required for a few hours. We keep shooting time to a minimum, by recording role-plays with two cameras.

Training video styles:

  • Voice-over with illustrative footage and graphics.
  • Presenter-driven with illustrative footage and graphics.
  • Presenter can also take an active role participating in demonstrations and asking questions.
  • Role-plays with staff and or actors, possibly using a presenter to link scenes.
  • Testimonials from staff or customers to add credibility.

Of course costs are a key factor in producing any video. We are happy to give you budget guidelines on your project from the initial meeting. Once a script is completed, we will be able to confirm the budget as all the cost elements such as shoot days, travel, talent and likely duration are now visible.