Video excels in communicating in many ways

Staff communications

Video excels in communicating in many ways

For large organisations, video is the logical answer for communicating to staff across multiple locations or branches. Staff can see messages directly from their senior executives, without the executives having to travel to roadshows or seminars to reach all their people. A strong, word-perfect (autocue) video presentation from executives on a large screen has lasting impact.

Posting videos online makes this proposition even more compelling and relevant, because they can be produced and distributed quickly. Distribution costs are negligible and staff can view the video at a time that suits them.

There are many format options to choose from when communicating to staff. One we favour, is creating an online TV network which becomes your channel for staff video communications. We have created this for many organisations, producing regular (eg quarterly) magazine programmes - fronted by their own staff.

A brand is designed and created for this channel with elements from the corporate design tablet. Often this channel is used for other communications such as company news or urgent directives, delivered by an executive speaking to camera. Once this channel is established, the demand usually grows, and it can be used for a wide range of communication purposes.

Motivating staff is another great strength of video. The power of strong footage and great music can truly motivate staff into taking action and getting onboard.

This concept starts by choosing an appropriate song which has some relevance to the message and also has the energy to drive the pace of the editing. Interspersed with music montages and short staff vox-pops, the positive message can be contagious and very successful.

Staff Communication styles

  • Online executive communications delivered straight down the camera.
  • Executive-driven updates with interviews and comments from other managers and staff. Illustrative footage and graphics can also be used.
  • Staff presenters fronting a regular magazine programme focusing on company news and initiatives.
  • Staff reporters in the field conduct interviews with other staff and demonstrate any new products or services.
  • Motivational music-driven montages with staff or customer vox-pops.