Video excels in communicating in many ways

Sales promotions

Video excels in communicating in many ways

Sales videos promoting products or services to potential customers are representative of your organisation and therefore should reflect the quality and image of your brand. Hence, the production standards need to be consistent with the firm’s image and stature.

There are numerous styles of sales promotional videos. The most common is the voice-over method. This combines a professional voice with good footage and strong music. It is also an economical choice, as updating or re-editing the video can be completed without needed to re-shoot anything.

Another common method is the presenter-driven video. This method is useful if you don’t have much footage of the product or service, because the presenter fills the voids. The choice of a well-known presenter can also add credibility to the product or firm.

Credibility can also be gained by including positive customers giving favourable testimonials. These can be formal interviews or just ‘vox-pops’ on the street. These comments should be short, concise, sound-bites, which often add genuine honesty and credibility to the production.

Sales Promotion styles

  • Voice-over with illustrative footage, graphics and dynamic music.
  • Presenter-driven with illustrative footage and graphics.
  • Presenter can also take an active role, participating in demonstrations and asking questions.
  • Mini commercials played at trade-shows, points-of-sale, and other external events. These need to be designed for noisy locations in case the viewer is unable to hear the soundtrack, and require strong visual elements.
  • Testimonials from customers with illustrative footage of them engaging with product.
  • A presenter or company representative may be needed to link testimonials.