Video excels in communicating in many ways

Executives & presenters to camera

Video excels in communicating in many ways

Although this appears as one of the easiest forms of video production, it is often the hardest to get right. The CEO of an organisation is fronting a video which will have wide exposure, yet they are often short of time and ill-prepared for the task ahead.

It is a given that our job is to get all the technical things correct – including lighting (no shine on forehead or reflections in glasses); sound (no popping of breath in microphone or background noise); and attractive framing of the shot.

It is also our job to get a strong performance from the executives, and make them look good. This means the ability to salvage takes as you go and create seamless edits where the executive picks-up after a mistake. It also means being honest with performers and telling them – even if they are the CEO - that another take is required because the performance was not strong enough.

Many executives prefer to use an autocue, and we can easily arrange this. It saves them time and humiliation if they struggle to perform well. It is often a good insurance policy to have one on hand.