Video excels in communicating in many ways


Video excels in communicating in many ways

Recording conferences is not always easy to get right. So many things can and do go wrong. Usually it is poor sound because the speaker wanders away from the podium microphone, or poor camera-quality because the speaking lectern is placed in a difficult position for video cameras to expose well.

We seek to do a recce with the client beforehand, and use two cameras and radio mics to record the event. With two cameras you can vary the shots of the speaker and include shots of the audience. It also makes editing much easier as you have audience and other shots to cover edits with.

Remember that the longer the duration of the conference is, the longer the editing process will take. To save cost, you could be selective of which speakers you want filmed, or which speakers you want edited.

Crisp PowerPoint images used by speakers can be inserted into the edit if you can send a file copy to us before editing commences.

Question and answer sections are also challenges for the sound operator. We recommend that questions are either asked through a hand-held microphone, or the speaker repeats the question for the video audience.